9 Bizarre Beauty Treatments Celebrities Have Done to Make Themselves Look Younger

Behind every luminous celebrity complexion is a team of professional stylists — but the ways celebrities stay so young-looking aren’t always easy. We’ve learned some strange skin care tips from celebrities, but the journey doesn’t end there.

From applying hemorrhoid cream under their eyes to treating themselves to leech facials, these 9 beauty treatments celebrities have undergone are freaky at best — and lethal at worst.

Why Microdermabrasion Treatments Are on the Decline, According to Dermatologists

Microdermabrasion has helped take the exfoliation game to another level — even inspiring a wave of at-home devices to help you get a professional-grade scrub on your own. But according to the latest survey from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, microdermabrasion treatments are becoming less popular.

Despite the glow-giving results, the ASPS annual report on plastic surgery statistics found that microdermabrasion treatments became less popular in 2017, dropping 4 percent from the previous year.

We asked the experts to weigh in on why microdermabrasion has fallen out of favor.

The Best Anti-Aging Secrets Dermatologists Won’t Tell You for Free

In case you don’t get enough face time with your derm, we chatted with the nation’s top skin experts to score the insider advice they don’t dole out to just anyone.

Your best weapon to fight aging skin is sunscreen

Sure, you know you need to wear sunscreen to prevent skin cancer, but sunscreen is also the number one way to keep your skin looking younger and healthier.

Can Microneedling with Collagen Treat Melasma?

The BMC Journal of Dermatology recently published the results of a pilot study conducted by Brazilian dermatologists, where they incorporated microneedling procedures as an adjuvant treatment for recurrent melasma.

The researchers chose six patients identified with recurrent melasma and offered microneedling with collagen as part of their treatment regimen. The clinicians not only followed the patients up for symptom improvement, they also performed skin biopsies to determine any beneficial effects that could be seen on the cellular level.

After the six-month treatment period, the researchers reported significant improvement of the melasma.

These Are the Terrifying Plastic Surgery Apps Aimed At Young Girls

Children as young as three are playing cosmetic surgery games, with the aim of preparing them for procedures they will have when they grow up. Yes. You read that right. Courtesy of Google, Amazon and Apple, there are hundreds of pinkified, princess-y, saccharine-laced apps available for free download that teach kids physical “perfection” is the end and cosmetic surgery is the means.

Aside from cementing the normalization of cosmetic surgery and presenting it as harmless as applying lipstick, these apps divorce children from their bodies, teaching them they are malleable and must be fixed.

The full article is available online at www.independent.co.uk

North Korea’s Nip/Tuck Obsession

North Korea is as much a fan of plastic surgery as South Korea and the United States, with rumors swirling on the Korean peninsula that even despot Kim has gone under the knife.

A new book detailing the eye-opening experiences of North Korean defectors sheds light on the unusual and unexpected aspect of life in Kim’s kingdom.

Defector Kim Yoo-Sung confirmed North Koreans get plastic surgery just like those outside the borders of the world’s most secretive nation, largely to “improve their appearance” – including Kim.

How Karaoke and Korea’s Love of Plastic Surgery Became Front Lines in America’s War on Sex Slavery

Karaoke bars like this have opened up a new front in America’s war on human trafficking and the illegal sex market. Massage parlors in the US – where prostitution is illegal everywhere except Nevada – have long been notorious as fronts for the sex trade and for exploiting women mostly from China and Korea. But as culture changes and new government policies are introduced, the enslavement strategies used by traffickers and the sex market itself are getting more sophisticated. Women are falling into bondage through debts for plastic surgery and technology has been used to lure victims.

Under-the-counter sexual services and human trafficking are now just as likely to be linked to karaoke bars, clubs and residential brothels. According to anti-slavery group Polaris, which runs a National Trafficking Hotline, of the 8,759 labour and sex trafficking cases reported last year, 1,572 involved escort services.

Americans May Be Aging Slower

Results of examination of national health data would appear to be indicating that rate of biological aging appears to be more delayed in Americans, especially men, which may extend lives, advancements in medicine have been cited as one possible reason for deceleration.

 While it may be true that currently you can’t turn back the clock on time, but it would appear as if it can be slowed down, as this study is suggestive that Americans are aging more slowly than they were 2 decades ago according to a study from University of Southern California and Yale University, who suggest that part of the gains in life expectancy may be due to a change in the rate of biological aging rather than keeping ailing people alive.

Deceleration of the aging whether through biomedical or environmental intervention would push timing of aging related disability and disease incidence to closer to end of life.

How Getting a Hair Transplant Actually Works

Like most cosmetic procedures, hair transplants are a very personal, private experience. In reality, hair transplants can look far more realistic than their reputation has long implied.

The procedure is more advanced than ever, and there’s more information available to potential patients.

Here are seven things anyone intrigued by hair transplants needs to know, whether you’re looking to move forward with it as a hair-loss solution or you’re simply curious about the procedure.

More Cases Are Reported of Unusual Cancer Linked to Breast Implants

More cases of an unusual cancer linked to breast implants have been reported to the Food and Drug Administration, the agency said [recently].

The case count rose in the past year, to 414 cases from 359, the agency said in an update on its website. The number of deaths it has recorded, nine, has not changed from one year ago; a professional society of plastic surgeons is now reporting 16 related deaths.

The F.D.A.’s figures include cases from the United States and other countries. The agency began publicly reporting on the problem in 2011, and some of the apparent rise in cases may be due to increased awareness and diagnosis.

Read the full article at www.nytimes.com