RealSelf Forms Strategic Medical Advisory Council

RealSelf Inc announces it has formed a Strategic Medical Advisory Council with three operating boards that will infuse medical expertise and feedback into its operations to strengthen the value of RealSelf products, services, and content and further support its mission to help consumers make smart, confident decisions.

The Real Self Strategic Advisory Council is made up of the Business Advisory Board, the Medical Review Advisory Board and the Industry Advisory Board, all of which are comprised of board-certified doctors and surgeons who are leaders in their fields and active proponents of transparency and the evolution of aesthetics. The formation of the council follows the appointment of the first RealSelf Chief Medical Officer last summer, according to a media release from RealSelf.

“As a fast-moving technology company in the rapidly changing aesthetics industry, it is imperative we keep our ear to the ground to stay ahead of trends to best serve the needs of consumers and doctors. Doctor feedback has always been a valuable part of our evolution, and I am incredibly excited to formalize the Council as part of our operations to ensure we are best serving the needs of our consumers and medical practitioners for decades to come,” says Tom Seery, co-founder and CEO of RealSelf, in the release.

“These doctors are forward-looking leaders in their fields and will help RealSelf better understand historical industry challenges, evaluate what we plan to bring to market, and envision the aesthetics landscape of the future. We’re honored to welcome them to the RealSelf team.”

The Business Advisory Board charter is to work alongside RealSelf senior leadership, influencing product and business decisions that affect the RealSelf community, which includes consumers interested in cosmetic procedures and doctors and other medical professionals.

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RealSelf Debuts Hall of Fame to Honor Ratings and Education

RealSelf Hall of Fame Unveiled

RealSelf announces the debut of the RealSelf Hall of Fame, an honor recognizing more than 1,000 board-certified aesthetic doctors from 402 cities across the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia for their high patient ratings and commitment to consumer education.

For 8 years, the annual RealSelf 100 and 500 awards recognized doctors with outstanding records of high patient ratings who have given back to the RealSelf community by providing credible, valuable insights in response to consumer questions about elective cosmetic treatments ranging from surgical procedures to minimally invasive technologies to cosmetic dentistry. For the first time ever, RealSelf celebrates the Hall of Fame, a culmination of 8 years of recognitions made through the RealSelf 100 and 500 awards program, according to RealSelf in a media release.

“Making the RealSelf Hall of Fame requires a commitment to helping patients make informed and confident choices,” says Dr Lara Devgan, RealSelf chief medical officer and board-certified plastic surgeon, in the release. “From answering consumer questions and sharing before and after photos to encouraging patients to leave open and honest reviews, the valuable insights this group provides help make it possible for RealSelf to bring transparency to the medical aesthetics industry.”

To be included in the RealSelf Hall of Fame, doctors must have received a RealSelf 100 or RealSelf 500 award in the past, the release explains. The awards program, which first launched in 2010, honors the top-rated and most engaged board-certified aesthetic doctors on RealSelf. Doctors are ranked in three categories: earning patient reviews, answering consumer questions, and sharing before and after treatment photos. In order to be recognized in any given year, doctors must maintain the distinction of Top Doctor or Top Contributor and uphold an average rating above four stars.

“The RealSelf Hall of Fame honors the achievements of board-certified aesthetic doctors who consistently put the consumer first,” states Tom Seery, founder and CEO of RealSelf. “It’s my pleasure to recognize this elite group of doctors for their significant contributions on RealSelf and their high standards in patient satisfaction.”

“As RealSelf grows and continues to evolve how we help consumers make smart and confident decisions, we are also evaluating how we recognize our medical community,” Seery adds. “We look forward to announcing new plans for RealSelf awards and recognitions in 2019.”

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RealSelf Launches “Beyond Scars” Global Initiative

RealSelf launches “Beyond Scars: Healing Bodies. Restoring Lives,” a global initiative that provides burn survivors access to reconstructive surgery and medical care in India.

Burns are a leading cause of premature death and disability in India, and women and girls suffer burn disabilities and deaths at nearly twice the rate as other women and girls around the globe. Currently, India possesses only seven surgical specialists per 100,000 people and approximately three reconstructive plastic surgeons per 2 million people, according to a media release from RealSelf.

The RealSelf Beyond Scars program partners with ReSurge International, a nonprofit organization dedicated to building reconstructive surgical capacity in developing countries. This new program supports medical professionals in India who provide reconstructive surgical care to burn survivors in the region. RealSelf Beyond Scars also sends trained medical teams and volunteers to areas of the country where burn survivors have little access to this critical care.

“RealSelf is proud to launch Beyond Scars and help people access important reconstructive care in these underserved communities,” says RealSelf Founder and CEO Tom Seery, in the release. “We are committed to helping people through the power of our community and our products, and RealSelf Beyond Scars is a natural extension of this commitment to help people build
confidence to realize their full potential no matter where they live in the world.”

“We are thrilled that the RealSelf Beyond Scars program takes a multifaceted approach to addressing the needs of burn survivors in India, both by expanding access to critical surgical care and by giving survivors an opportunity to break free from the stigma of disfiguring scars,” states Jeff Whisenant, president and CEO of ReSurge International. “The RealSelf partnership with ReSurge demonstrates the company’s commitment to its mission. We appreciate their support.”

RealSelf support for Resurge International in India began in 2015. The first volunteer trip was piloted in March 2018 to serve the Helping Hands Center, a medical clinic serving the remote town of Dehradun.

The success of that trip led to the creation of RealSelf Beyond Scars. The program’s second volunteer-led trip to India in December is sponsored, in part, by a generous donation from Delta Air Lines. The December trip will aid Camp Karma,
the subcontinent’s first and only burn camp, in a country where there are more than 1.5 million pediatric burn survivors, the release continues.

Founded in 2013 by Dr Vinita Puri, head of plastic surgery at King Edward Memorial Hospital in Mumbai, Camp Karma focuses on transforming the lives of burn survivors by strengthening children’s ability to mentally, socially, and emotionally recover from their burn injuries and gain the tools they need to move past their scars.

Thrive Causemetics, a luxury cosmetics brand, has also stepped up as a partner for this inaugural program to Camp Karma. Their donation fills a request from the young women of the camp who want make-up lessons to help them further connect with their newfound confidence. Thrive Causemetic’s mission of “beauty with a purpose” and generous giving supports women around the world experiencing a range of challenging issues, from domestic violence to living through cancer treatment, the release concludes.

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RealSelf Appoints Its First Chief Medical Officer

RealSelf announces Dr Lara Devgan MD, MPH, FACS, has been named Chief Medical Officer and will report to RealSelf CEO and Founder Tom Seery.

In this strategic role, Devgan will dedicate a portion of her time to RealSelf, as a spokesperson and as counsel on services and practices to further support the company’s mission to help consumers make more confident decisions and connect to the right medical professionals. RealSelf welcomed 94 million consumers from around the globe in 2017 and actively engages more than 23,000 doctors and other medical professionals in the RealSelf community.

“Adding a Chief Medical Officer to the RealSelf team adds important perspective and expands our commitment to transparency and empowering consumers to make smart, confident decisions about cosmetic treatments,” Seery says in a media release. “Dr Devgan brings an incredible range of experience along with deep commitment and passion for RealSelf and for educating consumers and reducing stigmas.”

“RealSelf has introduced important transparency to the world of aesthetics and I am excited and honored to join the team as their first Chief Medical Officer,” Devgan comments in the release. “In today’s world, there is no universal definition of beauty and more people are exploring aesthetic services than ever before. I look forward to working with RealSelf and its growing network of medical professionals to provide consumers with accurate and reliable information to further demystify aesthetics.”

Based in New York City, Devgan received her bachelor’s degree from Yale, her medical degree and master’s of public health from Johns Hopkins Medical School, and completed her residency and fellowship in plastic and reconstructive surgery at New York Presbyterian Hospital, the University Hospital of Columbia, and Cornell. She is a Diplomate of the American Board of Plastic Surgery, a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, and an active member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Devgan also owns and operates a laser and injectables-focused medspa and has developed a medical-grade skincare line, Dr Devgan Scientific Beauty. She hosts a weekly podcast, Beauty Bosses, on which she interviews leaders from the worlds of fashion and beauty. Devgan also teaches a quarterly injectables master class that attracts participants from around the world. She is an instructor at Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Infirmary and is actively engaged in clinical research.

In addition, she is a frequent commentator on plastic surgery, reconstruction, and aesthetics. She has been featured on The Doctors, CBS News, and ABC News, and has appeared in leading publications, including The New York Times, Newsweek, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, and Allure.

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Inaugural RealSelf Laser & Energy Report Notes Interest in Fat Reduction Treatments Reaching All-Time High

RealSelf has released its inaugural RealSelf U.S. Laser & Energy Report revealing consumer interest, patient satisfaction based on the proprietary RealSelf Worth It Ratings, and emerging trends within the laser and energy device market.

A record 94 million people visited RealSelf to research elective cosmetic treatments in 2017, and laser and energy technologies have played a crucial role in the overall growth of medical aesthetics. Interest in laser and energy device treatments on RealSelf grew 10.5% in 2017, and five of the top 10 most researched minimally invasive categories on RealSelf last year included treatments using a laser or energy device, according to a media release from RealSelf.

“New laser and energy technologies have brought innovative treatment solutions for a range of services, from body contouring and facial treatments to tattoo removal and vision correction,” says RealSelf Founder and CEO Tom Seery, in the release.

“RealSelf attracts millions of consumers every month and has become a barometer of aesthetic interest and demand. Based on consumer interest and review patterns we see on RealSelf, we expect to see interest in treatments using laser and energy devices continue to rise,” he predicts.

RealSelf Laser and Energy Report

Key trends shaping the laser and energy device market, per the report:

Fat Reduction Interest Hits All-Time High

  • Fat reduction was the most researched minimally invasive treatment category on RealSelf in 2017, surpassing popular categories like injectable fillers and toxins. Nonsurgical fat reduction devices work by damaging the structure of fat cells, allowing the body to process and remove them with minimal downtime. Laser and ultrasound-assisted liposuction treatments work by liquefying fat before it’s removed, allowing for a less invasive alternative to traditional liposuction.
  • Fat reduction treatments accounted for nearly one-third of the top 10 most researched branded laser and energy treatments in 2017. CoolSculpting took the number one spot, followed by Smart Lipo (#2) and SculpSure (#7).

Interest in Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatments Rising Amid High Consumer Satisfaction

  • Consumer interest in vaginal rejuvenation treatments, which help address changes in vaginal health often caused by childbirth and menopause, increased by 17% on RealSelf from 2016 to 2017. Branded devices ThermiVa and MonaLisa Touch saw the fastest year-over-year interest growth, increasing 45% and 28%, respectively.
  • Vaginal rejuvenation treatments also yield high patient satisfaction, with four devices named among the most “Worth It” laser and energy device treatments: diVa Vaginal Therapy (98% Worth It Rating), FemiLift (94% Worth It Rating), MonaLisa Touch (92% Worth It Rating), and ThermiVa (91% Worth It Rating).
  • Interest in newly developed vaginal rejuvenation treatments is also on the rise, with four new devices included among the top emerging treatments: Geneveve (+80%), Ultra Femme 360 (+68%), FemTouch (+36%), and diVa Vaginal Therapy (+23%).

New Facial Lasers Gain Traction

  • Facial lasers, which address skin concerns ranging from sun damage and acne scars to overall skin texture, were the fourth most researched nonsurgical treatment category on RealSelf in 2017.
  • Interest in new-to-market facial lasers is trending up, with three brands named among the top emerging treatments:  Resurfacing Perfected (#6) with 40% growth, Excel V (#8) with 25% growth, and Pico Genesis (#10) with 18% growth.

To read the full report and summaries, visit RealSelf.

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