Syneron Candela Announces Launch of Direct Operation in Korea

Syneron Candela announces the opening of Syneron Candela Korea Co Ltd, a new headquarters designed to support all commercial activities for the entire Syneron Candela portfolio of products in Korea.

Formally known as Syneron Candela (Korea) Medical Technologies Co Ltd, the new entity will provide Syneron Candela customers with direct support to address capital needs for their practice as well as a high level of service, technical, education, training and clinical support, according to a media release from Syneron Candela.

“Our decision to go direct in Korea reflects our vision to be the leading aesthetic medical device company and to providing the highest level of customer support worldwide,” says Geoffrey Crouse, chief executive officer of Syneron Candela, in the release.

“The Korean market is the second largest aesthetic market in Asia,” Crouse suggests. “Our significant presence in Korea, coupled with our service, sales and clinical infrastructure, well positions us to provide our customers the highest levels of support well beyond their purchase of a Syneron Candela product.”

“We envision strong growth for Syneron Candela Korea Co Ltd,” states Robert Ruck, president of Syneron Candela Asia Pacific. “We look forward to playing a key role in the success of our customers’ practices and to provide them with all the benefits of a direct operation in their local market. We wish to thank our past distribution partner, ShinHan, for their outstanding partnership and support to our customers over the years,” he added.

“As a physician who has worked with Syneron Candela’s products for many years, I am pleased to see the opening of the company’s new Korean headquarters,” adds Dr Geun Soo Lee, the vice president for the Association of Korean Dermatologists, the release continues. “It is a strong sign of Syneron Candela’s commitment to the many medical practices in Korea which have entrusted them with providing equipment to ensure the very best care for our patients.”

[Source: Syneron Candela]

Patent Infringement Suits Filed Against 18 Manufacturers and Distributors of Fractional RF Microneedle Systems

Syneron Medical Ltd and its subsidiary Candela Corporation (collectively, Syneron Candela) and Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) filed patent infringement complaints against 18 manufacturers and distributors of fractional RF micro-needle dermatological treatment systems in both the U.S. International Trade Commission in Washington, D.C. and in federal district court.

The accused infringing products include Secret RF by ilooda Co., Ltd. and Cutera, Inc.; Fraxis Duo by ilooda Co., Ltd., Emvera Technologies, LLC and Rohrer Aesthetics, LLC; Fractora by Invasix Ltd., Invasix, Inc. and InMode MD Ltd.; Legend Pro by Lumenis Ltd and Pollogen Ltd; 3DEEP by EndyMed Medical Ltd. and EndyMed Medical Inc.; INTRAcel by Jeisys Medical, Inc. and Perigee Medical LLC; Infini by Lutronic, Corp. and Lutronic, Inc.; and Vivace by Sung Hwan E&B Co. Ltd, Aesthetics Biomedical, Inc. and Cartessa Aesthetics LLC.