What Is Butter-Masking? Three Other Homemade Masks to Get a Glowing Skin

If your diet isn’t allowing you to have butter, rub it on your face. Not even kidding, latest skincare trend is butter-masking where a person needs to smear butter on the face to get a glowing skin.

According to Metro.co.uk report, the high levels of fat in butter adds moisture to dry skin, and B12 and vitamin D gives a glow to the skin.

Well, if you’re lactose intolerant or vegan or not willing to experiment the new trend, you can try out the popular homemade masks which are believed to be good for the skin.

Skincare Treatments to Make At Home, Using Natural Local Ingredients

If you’re a woman past the age of puberty (and have had to deal with the curse of acne), you’ll most likely know how expensive skincare products can be.

Instead of blowing your paycheck on pricey creams and masks from luxury brands, try out our favorite local herbalist’s recipes for homemade masks and toner.

They’re made entirely with ingredients you can find at your local farmer’s market, grocery store or your nana’s garden.