AirXpanders Places 4,000th AeroForm Implant


AirXpanders Inc, a medical device company focused on the design, manufacture, sale and distribution of the AeroForm Tissue Expander System, announces the 4,000th commercial worldwide placement of the AeroForm Tissue Expander was recently implanted in a patient for post-mastectomy, two-stage breast reconstruction.

“This is a great accomplishment for our company, and an empowering experience for the patient,” says Frank Grillo, president and CEO of AirXpanders, in a media release. “Since we commercialized our technology in Australia in 2015 and the US in 2017, we have seen rapid adoption of the AeroForm Tissue Expander System.

“With AeroForm, patients have the ability to control their own tissue expansion and preparation for the implantation of a permanent implant for breast reconstruction. The use of AeroForm is easier for the physician compared to traditional saline tissue expanders, and patients appreciate the ability to avoid several needle-sticks after surgery,” he adds.

Laurel Burk, director of marketing for AirXpanders, notes that, “Adoption of our technology continues to gain steam in the US. AeroForm is approved for use in over 200 hospitals and hospital systems in the United States, and over 80 in Australia. New US hospitals and physicians are being added monthly, which is adding to our current revenue growth and laying the foundation for future growth and the opportunity for AeroForm to become the standard of care for tissue expansion in breast reconstruction.”

“During the second and third quarter, we have seen continued progress on our key goals as a newly refocused company,” Grillo continues. “We have completed the restructuring of our sales force in the US, and now every established territory has a dedicated sales representative. Our progress in driving adoption in the US is meeting or exceeding our expectations in each territory, and our focus on expense controls and working capital management continues.

“Consistent with our Q3 results, we are confident that our Q4 results, to be released in January 2019, will show another reduction in cash burn, as well as continued US revenue growth. Our business is on track, adoption is growing, and cash burn is slowing versus prior quarters,” he continues, in the release.

[Source(s): AirXPanders Inc, PR Newswire]

ALASTIN Skincare Earns Three MyFaceMyBody Awards

ALASTIN Skincare Inc announces that its products line has gained industry-wide recognition for outstanding innovation in anti-aging and post-procedure skincare technology, at the 2018 MyFaceMyBody Awards.

The company swept three categories and earned the following MyFaceMyBody Awards:

  • Cosmeceutical Range of the Year
  • Highly Commended Anti-Aging Product of the Year (Restorative Skin Complex with TriHex Technology)
  • Highly Commended Post-Surgery Product of the Year (Regenerating Skin Nectar with TriHex Technology)

Regarded as the “Beauty Industry Oscars,” the internationally respected MyFaceMyBody Awards recognize the best of the best in cosmetics and aesthetics. It is the only consumer awards event dedicated to the aesthetic industry, honoring brands for their product innovation and popularity.

Chosen among a competitive landscape of leading aesthetic companies, ALASTIN Skincare stood out with its patented TriHex peptides that support the skin’s natural ability to produce elastin and collagen, facilitate recovery from rejuvenating treatments, and maintain the overall effects of these procedures over time, according to the company in a media release.

“We are honored to receive such a prestigious award from our aesthetic industry peers,” says Diane S. Goostree, president and CEO of ALASTIN Skincare, in the release.

“The breakthrough science behind our products that sets ALASTIN apart is our TriHex Technology, which promotes the skin’s natural ability to generate fresh new skin that is strong and supple. Our Regenerating Skin Nectar is ideal for patients undergoing rejuvenating procedures, while our Restorative Skin Complex encourages on-going home care that is essential to maintain the longevity of results from in-office treatments,” she continues.

[Source: Kelz PR]