Good Samaritan Couple Help Man With Disfigured Ears

Solomon McCalla was working at Walmart when a couple from West Palm Beach noticed his disfigured ears. Little did McCalla know that the couple was about to change his life.

McCalla suffered from keloids – an abundant growth of scar tissue – which had caused his earlobes to become enlarged with scars. His condition was a complication of trying to get his ears pierced.

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So, You Ripped a Hole in Your Earlobe—Here’s How to Fix It

Your earlobes, which are made of skin and fatty tissue, are quite strong and flexible but not as hardy as the rest of your cartilage-based ear structure.

Even after the piercing has healed, though, putting too much force on that skin can cause it to stretch or even split completely. Earlobe tears can occur through accidental trauma.

The good news is that a doctor can repair these tears, but treatment depends on your preferences and how severe the tear is.

Kids Are Getting Cosmetic Ear Surgery Because of Bullying

Braidon Fugal is just 12 years old, but next month the Utah student plans to get cosmetic surgery. Born prematurely with undeveloped lungs, Braidon spent his first weeks of life connected to tubes. They kept him from lying down on both sides, causing his left ear to stick out.

“Doctors told me to put a headband on him, but that didn’t work,” says his mother, Melissa Gerard. She couldn’t keep the band secure, so Braidon’s ear continued to protrude. He’s been teased about it since he started school, but with age, his peers have gotten worse, according to Gerard.