What is the Ideal Vaginal Rejuvenation Procedure to Undergo at Every Stage in Life

By Kendall Roehl, MD, FACS

In recent years, a lot of our female patients have shown increased interest in vaginal rejuvenation procedures. For many women, their reasons are beyond aesthetic and it is often to correct functional and sexual concerns.

The old assumptions that “designer vagina” treatments only exclusive for celebrities has begun to fade away, as more women are now realizing that these procedures are not cosmetic in nature. At its best, vaginal rejuvenation can correct a number of problems that are common to many women.

To help you understand more about vaginal rejuvenation, we listed below the procedures that are most ideal to address issues that women typically face at different stages of their life:

  • Labiaplasty for young adults (18 to 24 years old)

Women as young as 18 have shown increasing interest in altering the shape and size of their labia—the inner and outer folds of skin at both sides of the vagina. At this age, most women have begun to explore their bodies and will find that their labia may be too large or wrinkled for their liking. To address this, these women may opt for a labiaplasty.

The goal of Labiaplasty is to reshape the labia or reduce excess skin which might cause discomfort and interfere with your activities. This procedure is ideal for you if you have a swollen or excessively long labia or if you simply want the area to have a more symmetrical look.

If you want to get rid of your labia’s wrinkled appearance, the procedure would usually involve injecting the lips with your own fat cells to make them plumper. But if you want to trim them, expect to have an incision made along the edge of the lips. Either way, this procedure is meant to ensure that you are comfortable and confident with your vagina as you begin to age.

  • G-spot Enhancement for adults (24 to 34 years old)

Most women in their mid-twenties or thirties tend to put a greater importance on pleasure and intimacy during intercourse. As such, attaining the greatest amount of satisfaction in the bedroom becomes a priority. One sure way of doing this is by stimulating the G-Spot—an extremely sensitive tissue located in the vagina that increases desire and makes it easier to reach climax.

Although every woman has a G-spot, some might not be aware of it or know how to locate it. If this is your first-time hearing about the G-spot or if you already know about it and want to enhance its stimulation further, we recommend having a G-spot Enhancement done. This procedure involves injecting fat or hyaluronic acid to the G-spot to plump it up and heighten sexual pleasure. It is painless with little to no downtime, making it ideal for women who are sexually active and want to have a deeper and more intense vaginal orgasm.

  • Hoodectomy for late adults (34 to 44 years old)

Like men, women at this age will begin to experience some difficulty reaching an orgasm. Additionally, some women will begin to feel conscious about the presence of excess skin on their clitoral hood.

If you think that this situation applies to you, we suggest undergoing a Clitoral Hood Reduction or Hoodectomy to reduce the extra skin over your clitoral hood. The procedure is relatively painless and generally takes less than an hour to finish, which is why it is safe for young women to undergo should the need arise. After surgery, you can expect to reach orgasm faster and have stronger and multiple climaxes.

  • Vaginoplasty for middle-aged women (44 to 60 years old)

By the time you reach your middle age, you might notice that your vagina is no longer as tight and as firm as it was back when you were in your late teens or twenties. But do not worry because this is completely normal as age brings many changes to the body. However, for women who have undergone childbirth or gone through menopause, the loss of muscle tone in the vagina might be more apparent. Fortunately, restoring the vagina to its near-original condition can be done easily through Vaginoplasty.

Vaginoplasty is one of the more popular vaginal rejuvenation procedures. It aims to tighten a “loose” or slack vagina by making the vaginal opening smaller, toning the vaginal canal, or getting rid of excess skin along the vaginal lining. If you have genital scarring or if you feel like your vagina has loosened up too much, vaginoplasty can address these issues. Not only will it strengthen your vagina, it can also improve sensitivity and enhance your sexual satisfaction.

Vaginal Rejuvenation & You

It goes without saying that all women should devote enough time and attention to their vaginal health. Making sure that you have a healthy and happy vagina is key to a lot of things such as having more sexual satisfaction and an overall greater disposition.

If you feel like you want to change or enhance anything about your intimate area—whether it is aesthetic or sexual in nature—do not hesitate to seek the advice of a board-certified plastic surgeon to ensure that you only get the best and most reliable information about your body’s most delicate parts.

Kendall Roehl, MD, FACS, is a board-certified plastic surgeon at Memorial Plastic Surgery. She offers cosmetic surgery procedures for the face, body, and breasts including facelifts, tummy tuck surgery, and breast reconstruction.

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